Boys on the Street, West vs. East

Posted on January 30, 2015

Let’s look at the rare and elusive boystars displaying their plumage in their natural habitats, shall we?

First up: West coast-style boy papping. Consider:


Boys-On-The-Street-GOTSNYCLA-Hugh-Jackman-David-Beckham-Matt-Damon-John-Krasinski-Bradley-Cooper (7)Matt Damon is seen leaving the gym after enjoying a workout in West Hollywood, California.


Boys-On-The-Street-GOTSNYCLA-Hugh-Jackman-David-Beckham-Matt-Damon-John-Krasinski-Bradley-Cooper (4)David Beckham starts off his morning with a workout at Soul Cycle gym in Brentwood, California.


Boys-On-The-Street-GOTSNYCLA-Hugh-Jackman-David-Beckham-Matt-Damon-John-Krasinski-Bradley-Cooper (10)John Krasinski spotted leaving the gym in Los Angeles, California.

As you can see, in the land of eternal sunshine, the standard boy-papping getup is essentially what every guy in America wears when they’re watching TV; a totally bro workout getup.

But what of the eternally snowy lands of the east? What sort of folk costumes can we expect to see there?


Boys-On-The-Street-GOTSNYCLA-Hugh-Jackman-David-Beckham-Matt-Damon-John-Krasinski-Bradley-Cooper (13)Bradley Cooper heading to a subway station in New York City.

As you can see, the eastern variety must resort to a lot of puffing up in order to secure a mate and defend his territory. Any experienced boy-spotter must use their imagination to gauge what their prey looks like under all that plumage.


Boys-On-The-Street-GOTSNYCLA-Hugh-Jackman-David-Beckham-Matt-Damon-John-Krasinski-Bradley-Cooper (1)Hugh Jackman spotted enjoying the snowy weather with his dogs in New York City.

And then there’s Hugh Jackman, who looks good doing anything. Seriously, if you told us he pooped adorably, we wouldn’t want to see the evidence but we’d have no problem believing it.






[Photo Credit: Stoianov/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, Elder Ordonez/,]

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