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Posted on September 05, 2014

Normally we do a New York bar for our Fashion Week T LOunge, but this place just called out to us with its comfy fabulosity.

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TLOunge-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-9-5-2014 (3)Gitane Bar and Restaurant, San Francisco


We’re still running all over Manhattan like frantic chickens, trying to catch all the shows we can and trying not to melt into a puddle of sweat right on the sidewalk or worse, have some sort of heat-related issue – which almost happened in the most disastrous way possible. You can file this under “First World Problems,” but when we were backstage posing with Coco Rocha before the Supima show (and yes, it’s true; we LOVED typing that just now and intend to start many, many sentences with that exact phrase in the months to come) Tom got hit with a wave of nausea that had him quickly calculating whether he could make it out the back door in time to hurl all over some poor security guard or PR assistant. Fortunately, it passed after a minute, but it was a VERY long minute.

Oh, and also: we did not attend the Project Runway finale today. They locked the doors promptly at 10, which is the exact time we arrived. No fashion show ever starts at its stated time. In fact, the average delay is roughly 25 minutes, but previous PR finales started over 40 minutes late. We’ve never heard of a venue locking its doors at the published start time. At every fashion show we’ve ever been to, the editors and celebrities (i.e., the entire front row) don’t show up until at least ten minutes after the start time. Most people are running from show to show and since all shows start late, that means they also end late, making everyone late for the following show.  That’s just the way it is and you get used to it very quickly. But since PR is a TV show and not a fashion house, their shows have always had a wildly different feel from most runway shows. In fact, they always feel exactly like what they are: a TV show taping. It sucked that they imposed this unrealistic start time, but we can’t say it surprises us, in retrospect. The people in charge of that runway show have different goals from pretty much everyone else running a runway show this week. Attending the PR finale may no longer be a doable thing for us during Fashion Week. We have too many other shows to get to to spend well over an hour at a taping like this. It’s the passing of an age.

And to the lovely lady who came up to us to tell us she loves us JUST as we found out we weren’t getting into the show, please accept our apologies if we were brusque or rude in any way. We were dripping with sweat and really annoyed at that moment. You were very sweet and your outfit looked cute.

And this concludes our Fashion Week Storytime.

And finally (not to mention most importantly), let’s all stand and raise our glasses.

To Joan.

It is a fine thing and a testament to a life well-lived to have people say about you when you die, “She scared people and frustrated them.”

Here’s to you, you difficult, maddening, hilarious, fabulous, bitchy trailblazer. We were richer for your existence, and now we’re poorer for your absence. And if there’s a heaven, may you be offending its inhabitants left and right for all eternity.

And tell Johnny to go fuck himself when you see him.




[Photo Credit: gitanerestaurant.com]

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