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We’re feeling all “Gather ’round the piano, sipping cocktails” in a very Noel Coward kind of way this Friday evening, darlings.

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Join us, won’t you?

The sun is shining outside – sort of – so we’re just gonna give you the buzz and head on out of here.

Number One: HUGE congratulations to the winners of our “Everyone Wants to Be…” Mother’s Day contest! The Not-So-Bitter Kittens sent in dozens  and dozens of beautiful tributes to the female mentors in their lives. If we could have, we would have chosen every one of them for a prize, because every single woman written about sounded like a fabulous person to know. Unfortunately, we had to narrow it down to seven, and you can read their beautiful tributes here.

Number Two: We’re immensely proud of this interview with Bitch Magazine:

One of the keys ways you two are unique—is that you address social issues and feminism in a lot of your posts. You had that great post about gay identity and the Mad Men conspiracy theories about Bob Benson and the recent Emma Stone post was a perfect example of how you blend feminism and fashion in your commentary.

TOM: We are truly, truly, honored and pleased when someone notes a feminist undertone to our writing because it’s there deliberately. It’s not a mistake. When we went from being hobby bloggers to professional bloggers we had a long talk about goals, both short term and long term. Eventually it came up in our conversation that if you really want to be uncharitable about what we’re doing, we’re a couple of bitchy gay guys who criticize women all day about how they look. Which just stopped us dead in our tracks! That’s not who we want to be.

It was a very conscious decision early on to battle that perception, and to battle lapsing into that voice. Because I’ll tell you what—we’re a couple of white, privileged, gay men. And we had to be educated on the language to use, and how to approach certain topics and how to write about certain women in certain ways. Some of this came innately, some of this we taught ourselves, and some of this was taught to us by our readers. So, yes, there was a conscious effort from very early on to find a way to do this so we don’t feel dirty about this and feel unfeminist in our approach.   How do you write about this stuff as men with a feminist tone?

There’s this idea that fashion and feminism, or fashion and social commentary, are incompatible, but you push back against that in lots of ways. For instance, I love seeing Laverne Cox pop up on the blog so much lately. 

TOM: We’re making a point of featuring her, because when do you get a chance to feature a trans woman on the red carpet who is actually a celebrity? We actually do look for topics that have a wide range to them. If we scroll down the front page of the site at the end of the day and see nothing but 22-year-old, blond, white size 2’s, we feel like we have failed. So when someone like Laverne comes along, who’s on a show that we absolutely love and who is starting to become a celebrity in her own right, and dresses pretty damn impressively—on top of which, she’s a transgender woman of color—how could we not feature this woman? 


Go and read the whole thing. We got to say things we rarely get to say in our interviews. Or if we do, they tend to get edited out for not fitting the narrative.

And in case you missed it, check out all the lovely pictures of all the beautiful Kittens who came out to our book party last weekend. Fun, we’re fairly certain, was had by all.

Mkay, we’re done. Orphan Black review up on Sunday and Mad Men review up somewhere in the hours between Sunday night and Monday morning. Oh, and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you mothers out there. Peace out, girl scouts.


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