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Posted on May 02, 2014

Let’s head on out to London, darlings!

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TLOunge-5-2-14-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)Réunion Champagne & Cocktail Bar, The Grosvenor Hotel, London



It’s the end of another long week around here and there’s only one thing left to talk about: the BITTER KITTEN BOOK PARTY TOMORROW, DARLINGS! We’re putting the final touches on it as we speak, and Emmett keeps promising a surprise or two (which alternately frightens us and excites us). Anyone on the eastern seabord willing to make the trip, come on out to NYC to meet us, get your book signed and mingle with your fellow Bitter Kittens.

The deets, in case you somehow missed them the three thousand other times we posted them:


WHEN: Saturday, May 3rd, starting at 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: EMC2, 240 Elizabeth Street, New York NY 10012, in the little courtyard in the back, where we got married last summer (this is the part where you go, “Awwwwwwwww.”) T Lo bestie Emmett McCarthy will be hosting and offering up refreshments as we put on our little cartoon-voiced dog-and-pony show of book signing and answering questions. Except this time, we get to drink while doing so, which should make things potentially very exciting. Copies of our book will be on sale, so you’d be once again helping everyone out (mainly us, but also Emmett) if you picked up a copy while there for signing. They make great gifts! 

WHY: Because meeting our Bitter Kittens on our book tour has been the very best part of this whole adventure. We kicked off our tour smack in between two snowstorms, so we’d like to give the Philly, NJ, and NY-area kittens (as well as any other adventurous kittens from further out) another chance to come out and mingle with us, as well as meet each other face to face. Having it in the courtyard where we met Tim Gunn for the very first time, which essentially kicked our blog into high gear, as well as the place where we got married? It couldn’t be any more perfect. The weather should be good, so you should come out and make a day of window-shopping out of it. Christian Siriano’s store is just a few doors down the street.




[Photo Credit: reunionlondon.com]

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