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Posted on April 18, 2014

Darlings, we’ve had a perfectly SHITASTIC week! Come and throw yourselves dramatically on chaises with us.

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TLOunge-4182014-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO (3)District Bar, San Francisco, California



It took us until Wednesday to get over the jet lag from last week’s mini-tour. Seriously. We were nodding off in the middle of the day and then up till 3 watching crap TV. Piling two Mad Men writeups (which are easily the most labor-intensive posts  we do all year, except for the Miss Universe costume posts), plus a whole salad bar full of behind-the-scenes tech issues, and ladies? We were knocked flat. Tomorrow we head into New York to see Emmett and plan the Bitter Kitten party and then Sunday we have a combo of Easter/T Lo niece’s first birthday – and we still haven’t gotten her a gift. NYC Bitter Kittens, where’s a good baby store in NY with fun, unique gifts?

Back to the Bitter Kitten “Be Me Or Do Me” party, in case you haven’t heard. T Lo bestie (and Best Man at our wedding) Emmett McCarthy is hosting a celebration party in honor of our book and all y’all who can make it to New York City on May 3rd (hammering out the time with Emmett tomorrow, stay tuned) should absolutely do so. This includes the New Jersey and Philly area Kittens. We’re working to add more book tour dates in other cities, so it’s not likely will be in those areas again for signings. We’ll make it worth your while! We’ll do our little clown show for y’all, which is mostly a lively Q&A with a reading and a signing, but this time, because we’re throwing the party, we get to mingle with the Kittens! Drinks and nibblies, even! All in the gorgeous little backyard garden behind Emmett’s store (240 Elizabeth Street, New York NY 10012) where we got married last summer and where we met Tim Gunn for the very first time (not to mention Emmett himself, and a whole bunch of other Project Runway folks, back in the earliest days of this little adventure). It’s a place with a lot of meaning and meeting up with our Bitter Kittens has been the very best part of this whole book poledance thing, so we wanted to bring  some of that “home,” so to speak. That’s May 3rd, two weeks from tomorrow, in the afternoon and probably into the early evening. More details to come, darlings! Picking out our outfits as we type!

And how are all of you, then?





[Photo Credit: districtsf.com]

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