T LOunge

Posted on April 11, 2014

Darlings, since we woke up here this morning:



TLOUNGE-Apr112014-2The Library, Public Hotel, Chicago


And found ourselves grief-stricken that we had to get on a plane and couldn’t stay to be fabulous just a little while longer in these chic surroundings, we’ve decided to make it our T LOunge this week. What better way to close out this, one of the best weeks ever for us? The second leg of our book tour got us out into the world once again to meet the Bitter Kitten community and it was a rousing success all around, as well as a ton of fun for us. We love the BKs.

Also, this happened.

Now excuse us while we fall face-first into something soft, like laundry, or a pile of cats. Talk amongst yourselves.

OH! And the Rupaul’s Drag Race review will go up this weekend. And don’t forget to hang out here to chat your way through Mad Men with the whole BK community.

We have to go right now, or we’re afraid we’ll wind up falling asleep right here on our keyboaMMMMMMMMnbbu0o98y[‘[’98t’9qwefg7[vb’wq'[2974fgbqv[uo[zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



[Photo Credit: publichotels.com]

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