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Posted on April 04, 2014

Darlings, we’re L.A.-BOUND!



Next Door Lounge, Los Angeles, California

Or we will be, starting next week when we jet off to the other side of America (relatively speaking, of course) for the 2nd leg of our national Bitter Kitten Meet n’ Greet, otherwise known as our book tour. We’re currently picking out our outfits and doing wrist yoga so we can sign all y’all’s books and not get cramps. That probably sounds obnoxious, but we really did get cramps; especially after the D.C. signing, cuz those crazy bitches sold out the store. L.A., S.F. and Chi Kittens, you won’t let D.C. win the T Lo Attendance Gold Star Award, will you? Show those snooty east coasters how it’s done!

Yes, we’re pitting you all against each other in order to drive up attendance. Eight years of reality TV and celebrity blogging teaches you a few things about attention whoring for profit. It’s the “Be Me or Do Me” way in action, darlings. Of course Daddy and Pop love you all.

But seriously, you west coast and midwest kittens. You need to bring D.C. down.

Kidding! Said with love!

Sort of.

Anyway, order a drink and tell us all about your week.



[Photo Credit: nextdoorhollywood.com]

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