Jennifer Lopez Heads to the “American Idol” Studios in Kohl’s

Posted on April 04, 2014

We have to laugh sometimes at the messages inadvertently sent by celebrities who go out wearing their own department store clothing lines. Some ladystar gets a deal with Kohl’s or Target and suddenly, they’re A-OK with going out in public wearing something from Kohl’s or Target, but only their own pieces and only very briefly and in low-press situations, for the most part. The message is always, whether they intend it or not “I’d NEVER wear a thing from this store except the things with my name on them,” which is a great message for the star, but a LOUSY one for the store in question.

Who honestly believes Jennifer Lopez ever owned and wore anything from Kohl’s in the last two decades? Aside from this, that is:

Jennifer Lopez heads into the “American Idol” studios in Los Angeles, California wearing a pink crepe romper from her own Kohl’s collection.

It’s kind of cute, though. We’ll definitely give it that. Too much jewelry and we hate the shoes. She’s trying too hard to dress it up, which is another funny thing celebs do when they model “downscale” lines. They throw so much upscale shit on it that it comes off like a frantic attempt to hide the cheapness instead of a smart bit of hi-lo style.




[Photo Credit: Bruja/Juan Sharma/PacificCoastNews]

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