IN or OUT: Kristen Bell in Alberta Ferretti at “An Evening Of Music To Benefit Autism Speaks”

Posted on April 07, 2014

Kristen is one of those people who has a great eye and good taste when it comes to style, but sometime flubs it on the details. We get the impression she’s got good instincts for picking clothes and less well developed ones for styling an outfit. Of course her stylist has a lot to do with that. But Kristen also strikes us as someone who doesn’t just put on whatever look is handed to her. This is all conjecture based on red carpet tea leaf readings (our favorite past time in the world), but we’ve always assumed she’s an active participant in her red carpet styling.

Anyway, our point is…

Kristen Bell attends the 2nd Light Up The Blues Concert – An Evening Of Music To Benefit Autism Speaks – in Los Angeles, California in an Alberta Ferretti dress paired with Christian Louboutin strappy sandals.

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2014 Collection

LOVE the dress, but the shoes feel wrong somehow and her hair’s kinda bleh from the front. Besides, it’s gown hair.

That’s us: short and to the point. Now tell us why we’re idiots/geniuses.




Bitter Kittens make the call:



OUT! Enh. Too fussy-prissy for my tastes. 




The Bitter Kittens truly surprised us by getting behind Jennifer Connelly’s “depressed bird” dress, voting it IN. Don’t get us wrong; we agree. It’s just that we could’ve sworn you’d all hate it.



[Photo Credit: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images, IMAXtree]

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