Garcelle Beauvais at the Safe Kids Day Event

Posted on April 07, 2014

We realize this event didn’t have anyone gagging on the eleganza. We can totally get behind a totally cazh kind of red carpet.

But THIS. This, we canNOT:

Garcelle Beauvais attends the Safe Kids Day Event 2014 held at The Lot in West Hollywood, California.


Garcelle, we love you but WHAT THE HELL. Bad enough you’re wearing a macrame vest, but then you had to go and put on your superhero sandals, which took the whole outfit from “Hunh. That’s odd,” to “GIRL, WTF?”

Nothing in this look goes with anything else in this look. It’s like she closed her eyes and spun around in her closet until enough things stuck to her to allow her to go out in public.

Y’know how sometimes your senses get overwhelmed and you find yourself focussing on weird, trivial things in order to make sense of it all? The fact that her lips, fingernails and toenails are three different colors doesn’t bother us. It’s that all three colors go with totally different looks – and NONE of them go with that eye-searing yellow.



[Photo Credit: Celebrity Monitor/PacificCoastNews]

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