Red Carpet Rundown: “Pretty Little Liars” Season Finale Party

Posted on March 19, 2014

No one here really rated a post of their own, but they cleaned up and put on their church clothes, so the least we can do is give them all a pretty little rundown.



Ian Harding

 Very cute. Simple, but executed well. Love the shoes. Feeling like spring.



Lucy Hale in Stella McCartney

 We can’t. We’re allergic to beige. She’s apparently allergic to all other colors.



Ashley Benson in a Paule Ka top and Alexander Wang pants

 The shirt’s too fussy, but we give her credit for showing up in something that manages to be off the beaten path, but attention-seeking in its own right.



Troian Bellisario

 Is… that the outfit? Like she’s naked under her trenchcoat? Or is she just really cold? Or maybe she has a food-stained t-shirt with holes on because she didn’t know there were going to be pictures.


 Ryan Merriman




Vanessa Ray

 Not loving the shape of the skirt or the shoes.




Brant Daugherty

 Wait, what? A black jacket over a matching grey vest, pants and shoes? What a weird look. And why flip up the lapels on the vest like that? Dude, it’s a vest. You can’t really interpret it. Also: is his jacket one size smaller on the right side or something?



Shay Mitchell in YeoJin Bae

 What can we do to get black lace off our red carpets, people? Kickstarter campaign? Hostage situation? Something in between those two suggestions? We’re asking.




[Photo Credit: Kristin Callahan/ACE/, Jennifer Graylock/]

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