Kristen Bell in J. Mendel at the “Veronica Mars” LA Premiere

Posted on March 13, 2014

We’re going to be honest here: we struggle mightily to try and get a handle on Kristen’s style. Sometimes – a lot of the time, in fact – we don’t quite get what she’s going for.

Case in point:


Kristen Bell attends the ‘Veronica Mars’ premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California in a J. Mendel silk strapless gown with draped skirt accessorized with Piaget earrings.

J. Mendel Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

We don’t love the dress. She needs a stronger shade of pink than that for her coloring. Plus the fabric looks thick and heavy, and the fit around the bust and butt is a little off. But our assessment so far is , “Okay, she’s going for Old Hollywood Glamour, clearly.” Except she’s sporting socialite hair and makeup. And the shoes don’t look all that fabulous, but that’s hard to tell because she’s wearing a slit-to-the-thigh gown and standing with her legs clamped together. Not that she should be doing the Angelina pose, but why wear slit-to-the-thigh and then hide it? A little flash of ankle or even calf won’t kill anyone, dear. We’ll give her points for the earrings, though. They make the look (insofar as the look is made, if that makes any sense, which it probably doesn’t and speaking of probably, we should probably close this parenthetical now). Our point is, if we had to pinpoint what doesn’t sit right with us about her style it’s this: she doesn’t seem capable of making a statement. Say what you will about someone like, say Allison Williams, whose clothing choices we find maddeningly prim and matronly, but at least she has a defined style. Kristen seems to bounce around a lot but never quite nails any one look decisively. So you get looks like this, which is Old Hollywood Glam as filtered through modern NYC socialites.

We think this dress requires a little Gilda-style boldness. The earrings are pretty, but we’d probably swap them out for something just as showy, but a little less on the romantic side. We’d slap on some seriously glittery, attention-seeking shoes and order her to show them off at every chance. And finally, we’d order more glamorous hair and face for her than this. Strong lip and done-up eyes with the hair down and swooping over her face slightly. You’re gorgeous and you’re at your movie premiere in a goddess gown and tons of diamonds. If you’re gonna go there, then really GO THERE, y’know?





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