Jennifer Connelly in Givenchy at the “Noah” Mexico City Premiere

Posted on March 12, 2014

Well. That’s … certainly something, all right.


Jennifer Connelly attends the premiere of “Noah” in Mexico City, Mexico in a Givenchy couture embellished gown.

Givenchy 2009 Couture Collection

The shape is great; we’ll give it that. And if this look is working at all, it’s working because of that silhouette and her striking looks, because the rest of it – from the color, to the over-embellishment, to the overdesigned frippery of it all – just looks terrible to us. It looks like a dress made out of a duvet cover  with a ton of craft store embellishments hot-glued to it.

Besides, even if we liked this dress, we’d probably still be ambivalent about the look overall, because she’s totally Pulling a Jolie here. “Brush my hair, wash my face, put on a hundred-thousand-dollar gown. Done.”

Seriously, honey; it’s Givenchy couture. You couldn’t manage a bolder lip and some earrings?




[Photo Credit: Victor Chavez/Getty Images,]

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