Everyone Wants to Be… Kate Winslet in Safiyaa at the “Divergent” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on March 19, 2014

We’re back to Messy Kate – and we kind of love that.


Kate Winslet attends the premiere of “Divergent” in Los Angeles, California in a Safiyaa dress paired with an Alexander McQueen clutch and Ana Khouri jewelry.

Safiyaa Spring 2014 Collection

Back when she was poledancing like crazy for her Oscar and Emmy, we found ourselves bemoaning her style transformation, loudly and often. Long-time fans of hers, we were disappointed to see that she furiously scrubbed herself of all her quirkiness and presented a ridiculously polished and laminated version of herself to the public. It inspired us to intone, “In order to win the Oscar, one must become the Oscar,” a T Lo Zen koan that later wound up inspiring an entire chapter in our book. We suppose we should be grateful to her for that. So, thank you, Kate. But we still didn’t love that period, when you were serving up DIVA and we kept asking “Hey, wheres our fun best friend?”

We’re not saying she can’t look polished and perfect if she wants to. It’s certainly a goal worth shooting for when you’re an actor making public appearances. But in a manner similar to, say… Lea Michele and her burning need for everyone to tell her how hot she is, Kate’s Grande Dame act simply wasn’t playing to her strengths. Thankfully, she appears to be putting that act aside for the moment. When she showed up at her Walk of Fame ceremony looking ready to hit a bar for afternoon drinks once the picture-taking was done, we wrinkled our nose slightly at how underplayed she was, but secretly thrilled to the idea of afternoon drinks with Kate Winslet.

Maybe it’s the postpartum glow (or more likely, the postpartum don’t-give-a-fuck-about-looking-perfect-right-now), but we like the effect here, even though we think the red is too harsh, the sleeves are awkward and the hair a bit too beachy. It’s the combo of a really pretty face and just enough effort on everything else to get the job done without looking too fussy or plastic. That’s her look. We could recommend some changes here, but we’re just happy to see she’s not shooting for “GODDESS” at the moment. This feels more her – and more confident over all.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PRPhotos, Izumi Hasegawa/PRPhotos, Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, ER/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, safiyaa.com]

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