Carey Mulligan on the Set of “Suffragette”

Posted on March 13, 2014

Love these shots. Carey Mulligan was born to wear early 20th Century working class clothing, apparently.

Carey Mulligan films scenes for “Suffragette” in London, England. Carey Mulligan plays a character named Maud in the film described by the production as a “foot soldier of the early feminist movement.”

She’s like an English Holly Hobbie doll. She really does look adorable in these clothes, which, let’s face it, are not exactly adorable on their own to the modern eye.

This is not very feminist commentary for a movie called “Suffragette,” is it? Sure, we suppose we could work reproductive health and property ownership laws in here somewhere, but we’d sound kind of dumb doing so. How about this, then: note just how formless the female body had become in clothing of this period, after the heavily restrictive era of the bustle and corset had ended but before the Jazz Age could come along and resexualize women as gamines and flappers. You see the same thing in a lot of the clothing on Downton Abbey in scenes prior to 1920. She’s a triangle from head to ankles; no hips, no breasts, no legs. Ironically, the women of the highly repressive Victorian era had more sexualized forms than this. The Dowager Countess has a more defined waist and set of hips than Lady Mary.

Granted, we have no info on the exact year here. We’re assuming this is early 20th because in late 19th Century she’d be wearing a longer, fuller skirt than that. Plus the coat and hat read early 20th to us. Meryl’s co-starring as Emmeline Pankhurst, (which is awesome casting), which also leads us to believe these scenes are first or second decade of the 20th.


[Photo Credit: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES,]

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