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Posted on February 14, 2014

Le Comptoir Bar and Restaurant, Marrakesh

 Darlings, it’s the end of a very long week for us, so grab a seat and let’s start a tab. Since we’re frozen to the bone after 8 days of NYFWing all over the arctic isle of Manhattan, we’ll meet you all in sunny Marrakesh.

We are sore from lugging 300 pounds of Fashion Week ensembles on and off trains, in and out of cabs, up and down icy sidewalks. Our dry cleaning bill will be epic in scale, we have no doubt.

In other, more poledance-y news, Nina Garcia loves our book:

Nina garcia EWBMDM

For reals. We went up to her to say “Hi” at the DKNY show and she leapt out of her seat and said “Oh my God! I Love the book! It’s HILARIOUS!” Made our week, we can tell you. And because we’re whores, we whipped out a copy and said, “Would you pose with it?” To which she said “OF COURSE!” And then she art directed the shoot, telling us where to place her and how to hold the camera. Ever the editor.

And over on the book site, we’ve been playing what Bitter Kitten foodycatAlicia has dubbed “Be Me or Do Me Bingo,” where we take current celebrity attention-whoring and dysfunction and relate to the ideas in the book. There’s one about Drake and the race against other celebrities’ misfortune, one about Ryan Phillipe taking our advice on social media attention-whoring and another one about Shia LeBeouf and his ongoing apology tour. If you’ve read the book, let us know if you spot any other examples of “Be Me or Do Me Bingo,” darlings.

Also, we just want to remind our D.C.-area kittens that we will be appearing at the Barnes & Noble at 555 12th Street NW, Washington D.C., on Thursday, 2/20 at 6:30 pm for a reading, Q&A, and signing. Show up, kittens! As we said last week, the very best thing about this whole book poledance has been the opportunity to meet our fabulous Bitter Kittens. And we’re pretty sure the ones who attended our Philly and NYC signings had a fun time. If they didn’t, they were all lying to us about it for some odd reason.

Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day, darlings. We’re apparently experts on the topic.

And how is our little community today?




[Photo Credit: comptoirmarrakech.com]

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