Selena Gomez in Wildfox Couture in Tarzana

Posted on February 05, 2014

Selena must’ve been the next girl on the list.

Selena Gomez meets a friend for lunch at Cici’s Pizza Buffet in Tarzana, California wearing a Wildfox Couture sweater paired with Steve Madden ‘Topangaa’ booties

Wildfox Couture ‘Seeing Stars Lennon’ Sweater

Miley and Tay already had their turn.

Is it the same sweater, and they’re all just passing it around to each other? Is it like a game of “Hot Potato” where you have to make sure you’re not the one wearing it when it unravels completely and falls to the floor in a heap of yarn? Or are they all in a secret society and they’re sending some sort of message? Are they witches?

Nah. Trend-followers, the lot of them. They all wore it exactly the same way, with super-short shorts. Still, it’s a cute sweater for a young gal to wear on a casual day. We can’t blame any of them for wanting to wear it.



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