New York Fashion Week T LOunge

Posted on February 05, 2014

Lobby Bar, The Empire Hotel, NYC

Darlings, we’re heading out into the dreariest weather you could imagine just so we can perch on tiny seats next to pissed off fashion editors and watch hungry models stomp down a catwalk. In other words, it’s New York Fashion Week once again and we’re about to hop onto the Crazy Train and take y’all with us!

But travel time and check-in time and poledancing time (more on that in a sec) are unfortunately going to cut into our posting time, which means we’re leaving our kittens in the lurch until tomorrow. Thus the mid-week T LOunge, so you can congregate and come together as one in your bitterness.

And speaking of which, we had our very first reading and signing last night here in Philly and it was a HUGE success, with roughly a hundred or so Kittens showing up. We cannot tell you how gratifying it was to meet some of you face to face. And you all talked about what a wonderful community that’s sprung up here among Bitter Kittenkind. Feeling the love, darlings. Feeling the love. If anyone wants to share pictures from last night, let us know. Several people tweeted from the event and we wound up retweeting some pics, so you should check them out. Thank you SO MUCH to all the kittens who came out. It was an amazingly fun time. We wish we could do it every night.

Incidentally, you should be checking out our twitter all week long, because we’re giving you the full in-the-tents experience, filtered through T Lo eyes. Last season our twitter account was named the most influential during NYFW, with the widest reach. Yeah, that’s bragging, but it gives you some idea of how much tweeting we’ll be doing in the coming days.

Also: poledancing. We will be appearing once again on the Derek & Romaine show on Sirius XM 109 (free trial listen to be found here, if you don’t subscribe) at 8:20 PM eastern time, TONIGHT, 2/5. Any and all Bitter Kittens are encouraged to CALL IN as we’ll be chatting up our book and anything else that happens to pop up. No, seriously, you guys. Call in. 866-305-6887. We’re not fucking around here.

And, because we just won’t consider it a productive week if we don’t conquer all forms of media, we’ll be appearing on Joe Zee’s Sundance Channel series of fashion documentaries, “REVEALING” TONIGHT, in “REVEALING: CELEBUTANTE,” and as you can imagine, we have opinions on the topic.  That’s REVEALING CELEBUTANTE, TONIGHT ON SUNDANCE AT 9 EASTERN, with our big, smiling. bitch faces.

Also! Tomorrow night, FEBRUARY 6, at 6 PM, we will be doing our very first NYC SIGNING AND READING, at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble, 97 Warren Street. NYC-area kittens, we would be ever so grateful and pleased if you braved the shitty weather and came out for a listen and to say hello. We’ll try to be fun and entertaining gays for you. We’ll wear cute outfits. We might even do a puppet show (not really).

ALSO-ALSO! Any style bloggers and such who are wandering around the tents at Fashion Week, please come up and say hello. We love interacting with the style blogging community at NYFW (in fact, it’s one of our favorite things), but too often we’ll see a tweet from some of y’all that says you saw us in the tents but never said hello. Darlings, that hurts our feelings. We’re not scary! We’re cuddly!

ALSO-ALSO-ALSO! Since we’ll be carting ourselves back and forth from the Empire Hotel to Lincoln Center  for the next week, any and all NYC kittens in the neighborhood should stop us to say hello if they see us. Hopefully, we won’t be ten minutes late for a show, but even so, we love meeting you guys!

Ciao, darlings!

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