Cathy Cambridge, Working Girl

Posted on February 19, 2014

Wasn’t she supposed to start wearing Betty-approved dresses and stop showing off her filthy, provocative commoner knees? Cause princess ain’t playing. She’s gonna make you love her knees more than the Queen.

She also still knows how to show off that ring to its best effect, bless her:


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge seen arriving to open the ICAP Art Room at Northolt High School in London in a L. K. Bennett dress.

L. K. Bennett ‘Detroit’ Fitted Dress


She doesn’t have what we’d call great style, but damn if she doesn’t look fantastic in pictures. It’s the one thing she’s got over Diana, who was also ridiculously photogenic. But Cathy’s working on another level. Look at that last picture. 99.9999% of the population would look absolutely awful under the same conditions – a candid shot, on a windy day, with her mouth wide open and her eyes half closed. Result? Movie star.

From a style perspective, this is just an okay dress, but from a real-world perspective, it makes a great working dress. We could see someone wearing this on a day when she’s making an important presentation or meeting with clients.

Cathy isn’t really all that stylish, in that she never really pushes the envelope or shoots for more than “pretty” in her goals. But she does demonstrate fantastic instincts as to how to present herself to the public as a relatable semi-working wife and mother without insulting their intelligence about it. In other words, there’s just enough of a remove between her and the little people, but she’s so wrapped up in looking like the average (albeit wealthy and very attractive) person that she comes off like someone you want to know. There’s no condescension in it. We don’t think Diana ever quite managed that. By the end of her life, she was beloved by millions, but we don’t think many of them could really relate to her anymore.


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