Vanessa Hudgens in Beverly Hills

Posted on January 31, 2014

Looking at this getup, we alternate between laughing and rolling our eyes, but ultimately a begrudging form of admiration rears its head.


“Gimme Shelter” star Vanessa Hudgens out shopping with a friend in Beverly Hills, California.


Laughing. Well… just look at her. She looks like such a dork. And none of her whites match. Literally not one.

Rolling our eyes. Because every single thing about this is so attention-seeking and affected. The booties with no laces? The sheer skirt paired with the oversized sweater and slouchy hat? Come on now, girl. That’s just silly.

Begrudging admiration. Because whatever faults it has, it’s still a look, and a (sort of) put-together one. She didn’t quite achieve what we’d call “style,” but we can’t fault her for not caring. We would notice any gal walking down the street looking like this.

Then we’d silently judge her.





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