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Posted on January 31, 2014

Darlings, it’s been a particularly exhausting week of pre-book release poledancing for us and probably exhausting for all of you in your various poledances, so let’s all find a comfy seat and start ordering, yes?


Gilt Lounge, Sydney


Love. It’s like daycare for grownups. With alcohol.

Let’s see… what’s new with us. Oh yes. Our long awaited baby is mere days from arriving. Excitement does not begin to cover it. We’ve been doing a fair share of press for it (it is INSANE what happens when you do an AP interview and wind up everywhere overnight) and literally every journalist and editor who got an advance copy told us they love it, which has calmed the pre-release jitters considerably. Those who know our site well have told us it sounds exactly like us, while giving the reader something they can’t get when they come here.  You have no idea how much that particular goal drove the whole project from the beginning, so we’re thrilled. We’ve been posting some of our favorite quotes from each chapter all month long over on our book site, so check them out to get a taste. And don’t forget that you only have until this Monday to send us your pre-order confirmation and receive lovely gifts of gratitude in return.

We’re also super-excited to be doing our very first readings and signings. The first one’s this Tuesday, the 4th in Philly (hometown kittens come and show your support), the second one’s Thursday, the 6th, in NYC, (NYC kittens come and show your support) and the third’s in D.C. on the 20th, (D.C. kittens… you know the drill) and we just now got confirmation that we’ll be at the Mall of America in Bloomington Minnesota on Sunday, February 23rd at 1:00 PM.(MINNESOTA KITTENS REPREZENT, YO). We’re kind of giddy about that last one. Especially since we’re pretty sure we’ll turn to blocks of ice the minute we step off the plane.

And yeah, we’re all kinds of self-absorbed and braggy lately. We don’t like being that way on the regular, but we keep looking at each other throughout this whole poledance process and going, “Well if you can’t sound a little full of yourself while you’re trying to sell your book, when can you?” If you want us to shut up, you each have to pledge to buy four copies. We’re not too dignified to try extortion, darlings. You should probably know that by now.

In other T Lo news, we wrote a very short piece for the March issue of Cosmopolitan on the quickest, best way to increase your twitter presence. It was one of those things where we were asked to do something, our initial thought was “Are we really the right people to write this piece?” and then we wound loving it so much by the time we were done (bragging again) that we sat back and said “Why, yes. It turns out we are the right people for this job!” It’s a short little piece in their Fun, Fearless Life User’s Guide feature, if you’re interested in picking it up.

Okay, we’re shutting up now. Tell us all how you’re doing, darling.



[Photo Credit: qtsydney.com.au]

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