T LOunge

Posted on January 24, 2014

Artesian Bar, The Langham Hotel, London


Cold. Tired. Cranky. Waiting for the pizza to arrive; the pizza that’s about to shatter our normal pre-Fashion Week diet into a million little pieces. Today was not the day to travel in and out of New York to do some press for our book. Trains all over the place getting delayed and canceled on us, to the point where we wound up briefly making a home for ourselves in Penn Station. We were about to start ordering drapes when our train finally arrived to whisk us very slowly back to our actual home, the one with some really annoyed cats.

Incidentally, you guys are going to be blasted in the face with T Lo poledancing when all these interviews we’ve been doing finally come out. And speaking of desperate pleas for your love and support, it behooves you all as Bitter Kittens to go check out the book site if you didn’t get the details on our pre-order giveaways, and also to gaze lovingly at some of the  awesome illustrations from the book by long-time T Lo pal Alex Cox:














Ten days! Can’t wait!

And because a couple a poledancing bloggers never get a break, we’ll be live-tweeting our way through the Grammys (red carpet and broadcast) AND Downton Abbey on Sunday night. Follow along as we sprain our thumbs and eventually get thrown in twitter jail for sending too many tweets!

We’re not kidding. A couple of times we got kicked off twitter for the crime of over-tweeting. Tweeting without regard to the safety of others.

And how is everyone else? How are your various poledances going, darlings?




[Photo Credit: langhamhotels.co.uk]

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