T LOunge

Posted on January 10, 2014

Kittens, welcome to the very first T LOunge of 2014!


Crimson Lounge, Hotel Sax Chicago


We’re in a luxurious spy caper kind of mood and this place fits the bill.

The only news we have in our lives is the only news we’re going to have for the foreseeable future: OUR BOOK OUR BOOK OUR BOOK. We are just a little over 3 weeks away from launch, darlings. We’re nervous and excited. Mostly excited. Okay, no. Mostly nervous. Actually, it changes from moment to moment.

Anyway, if you really want all the updates, you should check out our book page, where you can find out which magazines gave the book a shoutout this week, what some of the early reviews are saying, what we did when we first held a copy of it in our hands, and why we wrote a book on this topic instead of a book on style, with a quote from the book’s introduction. Starting next week, we’ll be dropping daily quotes from the book, just to tease you a little, as well as announce our first contest. Which means you REALLY should be checking out our book page, amirite?

So how were your holidays, kittens? Ours were… well, the best ever, actually. We were in a celebratory mood, what with getting married and writing a book and all, so we went all out on the holidays in a way we haven’t for many years. We made a lot of memories this year. We also bought a ton of shit for each other, but that’s because we have poor impulse control.

We understand there was some sort of Project Runway finale last night, yes? And we trust the final decision was suitably controversial and spawned much rage? Elucidate for us, if you will.




[Photo Credit: Trey Radcliff via Stuck in Customs]

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