Kiernan Shipka in Prada at ELLE’s Women in Television Celebration

Posted on January 23, 2014

We don’t get it. How come this looks so much more youthful on the model? For once, the model’s probably not the younger one in this question.



“Mad Men” star Kiernan Shipka attends ELLE’s Annual Women in Television Celebration in West Hollywood, California in a Prada dress accessorized with EF Collection and Melinda Maria jewelry.

Prada Resort 2014 Collection

We generally applaud Kiernan’s ladylike style but its taken a decidedly mature look of late. Having the hem hit below the knee doesn’t help this look at all. We realize she might not have been able to alter a loaner, but that’s why they make hemming tape. Also, the bag, shoes and up do take any edge out of this look it might’ve had. There’s no youthfulness to the styling. We don’t like to recommend this, but replicating the runway look in toto would’ve looked so fabulous on her.

Dressing conservatively or demurely at a very young age is no crime, but we’d much rather see the young have fun with their fashion. It’s how you develop your own style. If you start right out of the gate emulating the style of people a generation older than you, you’re seriously handicapping yourself. And you’re setting a precedent for yourself of dressing wrong for your age, which could backfire disastrously come middle age.





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