January Jones in Hipster Drag

Posted on January 16, 2014

BREAKING: January Jones is a hipster douchebag.

Not really. We just liked typing that. We hope it comes up in a lot of google searches. But we have to admit, if we encountered a guy wearing the top half of this look:


“Mad Men” star January Jones does some shopping in West Hollywood, California.

We’d probably roll our eyes and mutter “Pfft. Hipster douchebag,” in a voice only the other one could hear because that’s a super-power that couples gain when they’ve been together as long as we have. Also, the “I know exactly what you’re thinking right now but let’s shelve this conversation until later” telepathic exchange in the middle of a social setting.

To be honest, we kind of love this look on her. Sure, it helps that she’s model thin and actress pretty, but those jeans are currently her Best Friend, and we love the accessorizing, with the kickass shoes and the pop of color in the bag. Obviously, we could’ve done without the hat but it we have to admit, it brings the whole look together. This is real style. Maybe someone else put it together for her, but it’s perfect for her, completely thought out, and looks great in pictures.

We are going to get an epic amount of disagreement on this one, aren’t we?





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