Emma Roberts in West Hollywood

Posted on January 29, 2014

Okay, so two things are happening and they’re going to affect today’s coverage of all things celebrity and fashion.

1. There’s a lull in Awards Season and the A-listers are all in their hidey-holes, fasting and moisturizing furiously, leaving us with slim pickings on the red carpet front.

2. It has been RIDICULOUSLY COLD in our neck of the woods all week and the only fashion we can relate to at the moment is the kind where people are bundled up under layers of clothing with one really showy piece to top it off. In other words, IT’S COAT PORN DAY TODAY, BITCHES.

Ironically, we’re kicking the proceedings off with someone NOT stuck in the latest polar vortex (or whatever the over-excited weather-types are calling it this week):

“American Horror Story” star Emma Roberts stops by Fred Segal and Whole Foods in West Hollywood, California in a red furry coat.

But we can’t just ignore a gal in a skinned Elmo coat, now can we? We have to admit, we have a fondness for the bathmat coat. It’s something we think every gal should have in her closet at some point between the ages of 15 and 35. Not that it’s not allowed after that; just that we consider it optional from that point on. But every young gal should definitely take the time to put on some funky boots and a muppet coat every now and then and get your quirky  on in a big way.


Totally off-topic, but ABC News picked up an interview we did for the AP on “Tips for Valentine’s Day.” We had some trepidation, but it turned out fun. If you’re interested, go follow the link through our book site and tell us if you think our advice made any sense or you think we’re full of shit.




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