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Posted on December 20, 2013

Christmas in DUBAI, darlings! Where it snows gold!

Bahri Bar, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai


Okay, maybe this won’t put you in the holiday mood, but we’re actually taking a break – in between extended baking jags – from Christmas for a second. As T said to Lo last night, “Can we just turn up the lights for a while? It’s getting a little ‘Santa’s Workshop’ in here.” We just need a moment to breathe and center ourselves before the mad rush begins. And by “breathe and center ourselves,” we mean something involving alcohol.

Posting next week will be sporadic at best, but we’ll check in on Monday and every now and then after that if something pops up in the worlds of celebrity and style.

Happy Holidays, kittens!


UPDATE: If you haven’t been checking out our book site (tsk), you might have missed that we were featured in the Washington Post today in an article that not only introduces the term “Bitter Kitten” to the world at large, but also quotes a couple of actual Kittens who are Bitter. Check it. 











[Photo Credit: jumeraih.com]

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