John Cho at the 2013 Beat The Odds Awards

Posted on December 06, 2013

John Cho would like you to know he’s a detail-oriented team player whose worst fault is that he’s a perfectionist. Also, he thanks you for the opportunity to discuss his future at International Widgets, LLC.



John Cho attends the 23rd Annual Beat The Odds Awards hosted by Children’s Defense Fund-California in Beverly Hills, California.


We’re being bitches. It’s a nice enough suit (too tight, though) and he’s at a charity event. He looks cute, even if he does look like he can’t wait to get away from the cameras so he can unbutton his jacket and stop sucking in his stomach.

Still, are we so awful for wanting to point out how welcome a red tie would be here?

Also, since he’s some sort of continuing Special Guest Star, feel free to discuss Sleepy Hollow here, because we never seem to get around to reviewing it like we promised we would. We’ll say this: it’s a really fun show which occasionally gets a little formulaic in its story structure. The real draw is the gleeful silliness of the story (it’s a lot like modern Doctor Who in that way) and the cast, who are all selling the  shit out of that gleeful silliness. But we have yet to get drawn into the show’s mythology. It’s fun to observe and like we said, everyone’s selling it, but it all feels a bit unfocused. That’s not a terrible sin for a first season, so it’ll be interesting to see how the show evolves. Certainly the [SPOILER] revelation that Ichabod had a son and Abbie’s ancestor delivered him opens up all kinds of avenues. By the way, Katrina’s the absolute weakest part of the show; both the character and the actress. Let’s get her out of the story pronto so Ichabod and Abbie can stare at each other longingly.





[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/, Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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