T LOunge

Posted on December 06, 2013

Darlings, it’s mizzable outside the windows of stately T Lo Manor, so we’re in the mood for something cozy and comfy, yet still chic.


Artesian, London


Ah, that’ll do nicely.

Now, here’s our news for the week.

1. We’re rolling out a new site design over the weekend. Brace yourselves. We’re super-excited because it’ll be streamlined and fresh and modern. Just like us. Histrionic and melodramatic complaints that it “hurts your eyes” or looks “soulless” will be summarily ignored, as they have been through the previous half-dozen site redesigns.
2. Along with the new site design, we’ll be launching our book site, which will be accessed through a menu at the top of the new page and which well provide you with all sorts of updates and teasers leading up to our book release, including links to any press that we wind up doing, which reminds us…
3. Here’s a little Q&A we did for the Philadelphia Gay News in which you can see our smiling faces and a bit of our Christmas tree, as well as read more about our personal lives and histories than we’ve ever revealed to the press before.  Scary. Also: there’s a bit of wrong info in there. We get 200, 000 visitors a day, not 200,000 views.
4. And speaking of our Christmas tree, we’ve been attention-whoring on Instagram by having an Ornament of the Day picture every day. Here’s what we’ve put up so far. Stay tuned for more! We could put up an Ornament of the Day post every day for at least 6 months, so it’s a struggle to narrow it down. And speaking of ornaments…
5. Jonathan Adler sent us an ADORABLE ornament yesterday and Michael Kors sent us brownies today. No lie. Best Christmas ever. The Sound of Music Live! wasn’t quite a trainwreck, but after 3 hours of live-tweeting it, we had pounding headaches from all the shout-singing. Carrie Underwood has no breath control and you could hear her getting awfully winded before even the halfway point. Audra McDonald DROPPED THE FUCKING MIKE on “Climb Every Mountain” and Stephen Moyer looked panicked through the entire 3 hours. Rolf looked like a middle-aged pedophile and Max was not gay enough while Elsa wasn’t bitchy enough. Any other thoughts we had on the production can be found in the 200 or so tweets we farted out last night.


And you kittens? How are y’all?






[Photo Credit: artesian-bar.co.uk]

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