Lady Gaga in Lily Attwood in London

Posted on November 01, 2013

Continuing our post-Halloween celebs-in-costumes theme for today, here’s another one, in something that’s either a Halloween costume or something she threw on to run to the drugstore for smokes. It’s hard to tell with her sometimes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Steffi, the Under-the-sea Geisha Princess:


Lady Gaga is seen leaving her hotel in a Lily Attwood silk dress paired with Winde Rienstra white ‘Lego’ heels and a custom umbrella designed by London-based designer Luke Brooks.

Central Saint Martins Graduate Lily Attwood Final Collection

Winde Rienstra Spring 2013 Collection


Call us hopelessly conformist if you must, but we prefer the version of Gaga that shoots for something odd and beautiful in her look rather than the Gaga who looks like she smeared shit on her face in a cocaine-fueled haze. This is gorgeous. She’s hobbled herself once again, but as a work of (almost) walking art, it can’t be beat. The only thing that bugs is that tatty-ass wig. Did she get some sort of discount on shitty wigs? Because she can’t ever seem to bother wearing one that looks decent.





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