Holiday T LOunge

Posted on November 27, 2013

As our American Kittens know, we are about to descend into a deep holiday hole filled with fats and carbs and then later, shopping, aka, Thanksgiving, bitches. Posting will be … well, nonexistent, really. Until Monday, when we come roaring back, full of piss and gravy (instead of vinegar). We’ll probably be really cranky too, because that will be the day our post Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas diet starts; the shortest, most pointless diet of the year, darlings.

But let’s not think about that. Let’s bathe in something gloriously fabulous.


Café Opera, Stockholm

Oh, yes. That’ll do.

We’re off to make cornbread stuffing for 35 people, darlings. Talk amongst yourselves. American Kittens? Happy Thanksgiving. International Kittens? We’ll make it up to you.

Who’s braving the stores on Friday? Or are you one of those annoying types who finished all their holiday shopping last May?

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