Friday T LOunge

Posted on November 22, 2013

Cozy, yet airy. With flattering lighting and comfy seats. Is that so much to ask for in a T LOunge?



Tom’s Bar at the Augustine Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic.


We think not. Besides, something about the name of this place just … speaks to us, somehow.

So how all y’all doing? For once, we have no news. We’re slowly entering the publicity phase of our book release (2.4.14, bitches!) and it’s both exciting and daunting, although truth be told, when we look back at the past several years, we’ve gotten pretty good at doing press.

Look at us! Poledancing, darlings!

We’ll be launching a separate page to talk about the book, its release, and any press we’re doing for it. We’d promise to post reviews, but that seems like we’d be jinxing ourselves, somehow. Also, there’s a site redesign coming down the tubes. Brace yourself for it.

In other non-news, our weekend is all about this:

And this:

And when we say “our weekend,” we of course mean “Tom’s weekend,” since Lorenzo’s commitment to all things Who is decidedly relaxed; i.e., he’ll sit on the couch with his laptop and occasionally look up to ask what’s going on.

With Homeland and the Walking Dead on Sunday, this is shaping up to be a decidedly couch potato type of weekend.

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