Cathy Cambridge Double Shot

Posted on November 20, 2013

Miss Cathy has been out modeling the fall versions of her Duchess drag. There’s not a lot of variation, but you can’t fault her for picking an appropriate style and sticking with it. If nothing else, her consistency is commendable. You can’t always say that about the more fashion-adventurous members of the Royal family, most notably Diana, whose many fashion disasters have been politely forgotten in the years since her death.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the Only Connect head office in London in an Orla Kiely shirt dress.

This is “Brown Duchess” and it’s … just fine. The… suit? Coat? Dress? Whatever it is, it probably could’ve used just the tiniest pop of color somewhere. And we question the idea of wearing booties matched exactly to tights. Why not wear a pair of boots that go up a bit higher? It might have made this look a little less – we’re gonna say it – dowdy. There’s just way too much brown going on here. And is it sacrilege to point out that those booties look a little … rough?

And then there’s “Blue Duchess:”



Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrives at the Place2B’s Resilience and Emotional Strength in Schools Forum in Canary Wharf in London in a Max Mara jacket and Orla Kiely skirt.

Which still could’ve used some pop of color somewhere, but at least the jacket and the skirt have a little more sass and shape to them. That brown thing looked like something Edith Crawley would’ve worn back when she was the ugly sister at Downton Abbey, making out with married pig farmers.

And yes, we know there’s something of a royal tradition of wearing one color in order to stand out to the crowd, but that tends to be negated when the colors are navy blue and brown. But just a simple red clutch would’ve helped either of these looks stand out more. But like we said, we can admire her for her commitment to a certain style and her clear need to not set herself up for any criticism or ridicule like her mother-in-law faced. If she makes it to the throne, she’ll be the blandest queen in the history of Britain, but by God, she’ll have gotten the job done, Elizabeth2-style.






[Photo Credit: Zak Hussein/]

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