Benedict Cumberbatch at the 2013 CineCity Film Festival Party

Posted on November 15, 2013

We could’ve featured him on the red carpet at that GQ Men of the Year party, but we thought his outfit was much cuter at this event:


Benedict Cumberbatch attends the Soho House and Grey Goose party to celebrate the CineCity film festival in Brighton, England.

That’s how you want your boyfriend to dress.

Sure, we could quibble – scarf indoors; too many layers; jacket and sweater not quite going together; overall sense of stuffiness – but come on. That’s fantasy boyfriend cute. That’s your fantasy boyfriend at a party with you. And he dressed himself without any help because your fantasy boyfriend is stylish and self-sufficient. With great hair. And when you say, “I think I want something to drink,” something frosty just magically appears in his hand because that’s the way it works with fantasy boyfriends. He’s kind to waiters and other service workers. Dogs and old ladies love him. He smells like leather and pine. No. Pancakes. He smells like chocolate chip pancakes. He loves mopping. He never needs to be asked to come shopping with you and understands instinctively that he’s supposed to be quiet and carry things when he does. He can hail a cab by whistling.

Go ahead and add to the list, but let’s all agree that “He makes me laugh” and “He makes me come” are givens in the whole fantasy boyfriend scenario.





[Photo Credit: Samir Hussein/Getty Images]

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