Avril Lavigne in Vivienne Westwood on “Good Morning America”

Posted on November 06, 2013

We can’t honestly say that we’ve been following her style evolution enough to know it well, but this doesn’t feel right for her.



Avril Lavigne at ABC Studios in New York City for an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ in Vivienne Westwod.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Fall 2013 Sea Monster Falcon Dress


It’s actually kind of a cute dress, although the shape is a bit dowdy while the print is a bit juvenile; a truly odd combo for one garment. It doesn’t look horrible on her, but the cocker spaniel hair and the heavy eye makeup don’t do a thing for the look, nor do the Silly Putty shoes. It’s all kind of a mess, the longer we look at it.

You’d think Vivienne Westwood would be a good fit for her, but she picked the twee side of Westwood and it just makes her look frumpy.



[Photo Credit: Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com, viviennewestwood.co.uk]

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