Sandra Bullock in London

Posted on October 10, 2013

Why so serious, Sandy?


Sandra Bullock seen arriving back at her hotel in Chelsea, London.


Isn’t your movie a hit and aren’t you being fast-tracked to the Oscar short-list? Sweetie, you’re kicking ass all over the place and have the ladypants to prove it. Relax. Also, T Lo think this is one time when your penchant for big honkin’ shoes is really working for you because big honkin’ shoes are always going to look better with pants than with a skirt.

On the other hand, those “pants” – because let’s be honest, they’re a couple microns away from being leggings, really – aren’t our favorite pair in the world. We don’t mind tight, but the shininess is not fabulous and you sure look like you’re struggling not to go all cameltoe on us.

Is that it? Are you looking kind of grumpy because after a long night of poledancing in these things you just want to get back to your hotel room to peel them off and here you are, inches away from the door? Right. Carry on, then. Sorry.

Nice jacket.





[Photo Credit: Harsha Gopal/]

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