Project Runway: Steady As She Goes

Posted on October 11, 2013

Always the most boring episode of any Project Runway season, the penultimate show is also the hardest to recap the next day. Like we’re going to make fun of family members?


And while it’s always fun to see Tim outside his element and re-calibrating his settings in order to give advice, the scenes are all the same. He’s either concerned or exhilarated. The designer sees him to the door at the end of their rap session thinking they’re either on the right track and oh my god they have so much to do or they’re completely screwed and oh my god they have so much to do.


Then it’s smiles and tears reunion time.

If we sound like we’re complaining, we’re really not. There’s something a bit comforting about the steady security of it all. If anything…


We really hate when they fuck with that formula.

Tide? Really?

If they were smart, they’d first smear Yoplait all over their garments and then wash them with Tide. And then take pictures with their HP something.



Yadda yadda yadda. Justin and Alexandria are going on to compete during Fashion Week.


Afterschool Special gets sent packing, and while we think she’s among the more talented designers of the season (and on a good day, better than both Alexandria and Justin), it was the right decision by the judges.



We’ll leave the assessments to the finalists’ runway shows, but Justin managed that thing that the judges always want to see at this point: wow moments. They want to know that they’re right to consider this person Fashion Week-ready. The 3d-printing alone took his work to another level, but the test-tube dress was a knockout.

And making his deafness the centerpiece of the collection was just plain good common sense.




And Alexandria’s collection is both highly cohesive and thoroughly of a distinct point of view. Very Euro-punk-inspired. Again, this is exactly what the judges want to see at this moment. Point of view. Polish. Cohesion.

Of course there was that bit of crack-smokery where they went on and on about how colorless this collection is, conveniently ignoring the lack of color in EVERYTHING JUSTIN EVER DID.




She really is talented and her final runway collection really was among the better ones. We don’t really dislike any of these looks and we especially like the print, but they’re all way too similar. Basic dresses with twists. It’s nice, but it sure as hell doesn’t look like runway-level work.





[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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