IN or OUT: Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji at the 2013 Hollywood Film Awards

Posted on October 23, 2013

We know Tadashi’s her go-to, and with good reason, since he’s done right by her pretty much every time her dressed her. But we’re not sold on this one, kittens.



Octavia Spencer attends the 2013 Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills, California in Tadashi Shoji.

Tadashi Shoji Fall 2013 Collection/Model: Magda Laguinge

The shape is nice, but man, do we ever not love those horizontal bands or the craftstore-looking trim around the neck and shoulders. Strangely enough, we think the shoes are working here, even though we tend to hate heavy, focus-pulling shoes like that. Of course, that should tell you something about the dress that we’re praising the one thing that takes your eyes away from it. But maybe we’re being to harsh. We love the color combo; her makeup looks good; we’re not a hundred percent on the hair, and the bag is sadly invisible.

Kittens make the call:



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IN! I love it! Especially the ________________!


OUT! I was fine until I got to the _______________.


The hearts of the Bitter Kittens are full of love for Juliette Lewis, because they couldn’t bring themselves to do anything but vote her very distracting hair and gown IN.




[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans, Izumi Hasegawa/,]

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