Miley Cyrus on The Today Show

Posted on October 08, 2013

That is entirely too much butt cheek for first thing in the morning, young lady.


Miley Cyrus in Concert on “The Today Show” at Rockefeller Center in New York City in a Kenzo top paired with custom shorts, Tuck shoes, and a Céline necklace.

We’ve reached that rather drearily predictable moment in Miley commentary where suddenly it’s a huge crime against humanity for anyone to criticize a vapid, tacky, attention-seeking pop star. Twice in the last several days we’ve read otherwise intelligent writers refer to her as a “genius” without a trace of irony. Bitches, please. She’s a former good-girl pop star gone bad, right at the moment she’s become a full legal adult. It’s a tale as old as time. Or pop stars, at least. There’s absolutely nothing original going on here, nor does any grander meaning need to be applied to her actions. She is what she is and she’s one in a long line of what she is.

On the other hand, the tendency for former pop stars old enough to be her mother (or grandmother) writing somewhat grumpy finger-wagging open letters to her this week has been equally as embarrassing. We understand why women like Sinead, Cher, and Annie Lennox might have strong, intelligent opinions backed up by decades of experience on the matter of young women in the music industry and how they’re exploited, but the attempts to publicly address Miley sounded like they were written by people who had absolutely no memory of what it’s like to be 20 and in the midst of discovering your own power, whatever that power is. In other words, the messages, as well intentioned as they were, were guaranteed to fall on deaf ears. Besides, not to defend the girl, but she’s got close to a decade of experience in this industry already. We’re not arguing toward her intelligence, but it’s condescending for anyone (especially anyone who doesn’t know her personally) to be publicly lecturing her like she was a neophyte. Like it or not, she’s old enough and has enough experience that she deserves not to have people automatically assume she doesn’t know what she’s doing. On the contrary; we think she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing.

We guess what we’re trying to say is … not so much “LEAVE MILEY ALONE!” as it is “Stop making her seem more important than she is. Also: Let’s all make fun of her clothes!” That’s so much healthier and more productive, don’t you think?

Anyway, her clothes: Everything here is fine except those tatty-ass shorts. Nothing really goes together, but that’s pretty much to be expected from this one. The shoes are cute.






[Photo Credit: Kent Miller, Marco Sagliocco, PRN/]

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