Gina Gershon at the House of Versace NY Screening

Posted on October 07, 2013

Because we’re old and married, our Saturday night was spent watching a Lifetime Original Movie. But because it was Gina Gershon (who we interviewed once) playing Donatella Versace (who we saw air-kissing Lindsay Lohan at a party once; a story we never fail to tell at the drop of a hat, even to total strangers), we felt more fabulous than our pajamas.

Gina Gershon attends “House of Versace” screening hosted by Marvista Entertainment and Lifetime with The Cinema Society at MOMA in New York City.


We don’t know what she’s wearing, but it’s a safe bet it’s not a Versace. We can understand why she’d want to come dressed as far away from the woman she portrayed as possible, but we probably wouldn’t have recommended such a weird skirt. The red looks great on her and the rest of the dress design is fine, but the bottom half looks like someone pinned dishtowels to her front. Also: not loving the black shoes. A metallic would have looked more modern. Hair and makeup are pretty.

As for House of Versace, it was fine way to spend a couple of hours, if you’re looking for some over-the-top glitz on your cable TV. The sets alone were worth it, as was the bizarreness of seeing Raquel Welch done up in Gina Lollobrigida drag, for some odd reason. Gershon gave a surprisingly nuanced performance that only occasionally lapsed into parody. But that might have been the problem we had with it. It lacked the camp a movie like this desperately needs. We question if there were enough gays in the creative process to nudge this project in the right direction. This was an opportunity to make something akin to a modern-day Mommie Dearest or a John Waters classic, but right from the get-go, this is set up as a tale of female empowerment and the overcoming of odds, as well as some personal demons. Oh, and family problems. Square-jawed husbands who feel ignored. Older brothers who sneer. Ungrateful snooty daughters. As Tom said halfway through it, “They’re turning Donatella Versace’s life into a Julia Roberts movie.”

But if you’re bored and feel like drinking a bottle of wine on the couch (either with friends or alone; we don’t judge), it’s a mildly fun way to spend the time.




[Photo Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]

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