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Friday T LOunge

Posted on October 25, 2013

Wyld Bar, W Hotel, London

Darlings, we love the nightlife and of course, we’ve got to boogie, so what better setting for our first (of many, we’re thinking) Friday night T LOunges than this disco-fabulous bar? Let’s keep the party going until dawn, Monday morning, shall we? We’ll leave the keys to the place and you can lock up.

Feel free to chat about whatever you want through the weekend, but we’re thinking this would make a lovely spot to watch the Sunday night shows together, as well. We’re always glued to – and live-tweeting –  Homeland and The Walking Dead. If we’re feeling ambitious, we’ll also catch up on Master’s of Sex and Witches of East End. But by all means, if you want to chat your way through Revenge or Once Upon a Time, you kittens should feel free to set that up for here.

In Project Runway news, that was the most utterly depressing reunion special in the history of the show. Not because there was such a high number of crazy, attention-seeking assholes in the cast (more than even we thought, it turns out), but because Tim Gunn, in a total reversal of what used to be his role on the show, literally pitted people against each other to make them fight and then screamed “BULLSHIT!” at them when they claimed the show was rigged. Who one earth thought this was going to go over well? The plot has been lost over there in Project Runway-land, it seems. This is what happens when you shoot too many seasons in too short a time and place too much of an importance on drama and characters. The Real Housewives of Sewing.

And true to our promise, we didn’t watch a bit of Project Runway All-Stars. In a new and exciting development that has us gleeful with anticipation, YOU guys get to tell US what happened on Project Runway last night, because we have absolutely no idea.  Let’s hear your recaps, kittens. Remember all that we taught you.

In non-TV or fashion news, we caught The Conjuring the other night (with the lights off, natch) and holy shit, that’s some good haunted house shit right there.  T Lo recommended. Vera Farmiga is one of the strangest and most charismatic actresses working today and director James Wan keeps the emotional wire taut as a bowstring the whole time and then plucks it furiously and mercilessly to get you to jump out of your seat. Super fun. Better than a half-dozen Paranormal Activity/found footage horror films. Pure old school.We’ve re-watched it twice. And when we say “we,” we mean Tom watched it and informed Lorenzo when he could look up again.

And in other news, we’re having a teeny-tiny little wedding celebration in a few weeks and we’re both excited by it and eager for it all to be over, because of course we planned it right down to the place cards and the color-coordinated candy in the favors. And we only had one small fight that lasted less than five minutes. Then again, that’s what happens when two bridezillas have been together 17 years. You don’t have the energy for a meltdown and besides, the other person will just roll their eyes and walk away if you try it.

And finally, we eat, breathe and sleep our book, which is coming out in February and we just can’t wait for y’all to have a copy (of some sort) in your hands. It’s our baby and we love it and don’t nobody get to say our baby’s ugly.

You will all buy it, right? Because you love us? Completely without shame or dignity here, that’s always been our way and our motto.

So? What’s up with you guys?

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