Elizabeth Olsen in Chloé and The Row at the “Romeo And Juliet” After Party

Posted on October 18, 2013

We got all caught up in those fall hormones again as soon as we saw this look. You know what we mean; that surge inside you right around this time of year that calls for pumpkin-flavored things and warm mugs and sweaters.

This obviously doesn’t apply to our Bitter Kittens who live in tropical climes. You get our pity. But don’t worry, you’ll be back to getting our envy when we have to go out in 15-degree weather because we’re out of bread.


Elizabeth Olsen attends the after party for “Romeo And Juliet” Off Broadway opening night production at Pangea in New York City in a Chloé top and The Row pants.

Chloé Resort 2014 Collection/Model: Marique Schimmel


Anyway, that sweater is freaking adorable. ADORABLE. We will not hear a word against it.

We don’t quite get what’s going on under that sweater, and what all those things are hanging out of every opening, but the sweater itself? Super-cute.

When Tom was a teenager and, like all good closeted ’80s teens, hung around with a bunch of gal pals, he picked up one bit of bitchery they coined back then and he still uses it; one last bit of ’80s Mean Girlness that he can’t shake because it’s so perfectly descriptive. It’s what the gals used to say about prissy good girls who always had dates and looked down their noses at anyone with an extra piercing or who favored Chuck Taylors with their stone-washed mini-skirts:

“Oh you know her. She’s one of those Pretty Sweater Girls.

Go. Use it freely. But make sure those last three words are dripping with disdain when you say them.

Elizabeth’s outfit has too much edge to be a P.S.G. outfit. P.S.G.s never wear black and favor blouses with Peter Pan collars under their pretty sweaters.



[Photo Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images, style.com]

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