Daniel Radcliffe at the “Kill Your Darlings” Premiere

Posted on October 04, 2013

The gays were running wild in gingham shirts starting about three years ago (to the point where T turned to Lo during Fashion Week a couple years back and said “So help me, if I see one more queen dressed in a country kitchen curtain I’m going to LOSE IT.”), so it seems that the old saw about straight boys picking up on gayboy trends five years later has now been accelerated. We blame gay marriage.


Daniel Radcliffe at the “Kill Your Darlings” Premiere in Beverly Hills, California in a Todd Snyder suit paired with a Hamilton shirt, an Ovadia & Sons tie, a The Tie Bar pocket square, and George Cleverley shoes.

From the neck down: all perfectly acceptable. We actually don’t mind the lack of color because the black gingham is actually pretty eye-catching.

From the neck up: Meth.

Let’s talk grooming and guy makeup for pictures, darlings. It’s a conversation America needs to have.

Daniel’s both too pale and too boyish to rock the stubble. It just makes him look sallow.

He also needs to have a better job done on the brow shaping. Look, we hate when a guy has perfectly waxed Elizabeth Taylor brows, but there’s a happy medium between that and the caterpillars meeting in the middle over his nose. Too many strays and strangely long hairs sticking out.

And hey, sometimes the work of being a star is exhausting and a boy needs a little concealer to erase the dark circles. But a boy also needs someone who knows how to blend it for pictures.

And this boy in particular should definitely look into a light coating of the lightest bronzer known to man. There’s pale, and then there’s “reflecting the light of the sun.” For pictures and public appearances, Daniel could really benefit from taking the facelight down a shade or two.

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[Photo Credit: Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, Izumi Hasegawa/PRPhotos.com]

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