Connie Britton in ASOS at the “All Is Lost” NY Premiere

Posted on October 09, 2013

Connie, you remain the Number One CelebuGal we want to sit and have coffee with, preferably in your kitchen. It just feels like you’d be fun. But honey, you let us down. We didn’t think you’d fall into the “Fall means Funeral” trap so many of your celebu-cohorts have. Another black dress. Tsk. Autumn is the time of year you pretty much own due to your coloring, dear. You know that, right?

Also: Well, we don’t quite know how to say this …

Connie Britton attends the premiere of “All Is Lost” during the 2013 New York Film Festival in an Asos dress paired with Monique Lhuillier heels.

ASOS Body-Conscious Dress with Leather Look Panels and Short Sleeves

Oh, wait. Yes we do. Your boobs look like fly eyes.

Sweetie, the dress is just too tight and a tiny little bit see-through, which is a problem when the flashes start going off. And we’re not sure we can sign off on those tremendously complicated shoes you’ve got on.

We just ensured we’re never getting invited over for coffee, didn’t we?





[Photo Credit: Marco Sagliocco/,]

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