Christina Hendricks in New York City

Posted on October 07, 2013

We said earlier today that we couldn’t handle fashion disasters first thing in the morning, citing Miss Christina and her long string of bless-her-heart missteps. But we’re happy to report that, as is common with a lot of people when it comes to personal style, when you get her away from expectations and trendiness, she shines.


Christina Hendricks seen leaving the Bowery Hotel in New York City.

Forever 21 Tres Chic Knit Sweater

This is ridiculously cute. To illustrate the uselessness of most fashion rules, here’s a well-endowed gal in a tight sweater with writing across the chest and it looks adorable on her. Most rules would tell a lady with a large chest to not even bother trying this sweater on. We get a lot of requests for fashion and style advice and while we hate setting ourselves up to tell any woman in the real world how to dress, we do pass on one bit of advice when we can: Try it on. Try it ALL on. Sure, everyone has things they know to avoid, but if you’re on the fence, and you’re holding something in your hands that you think is really cute: TRY IT ON. Also: try it on in more than one size. Also-also: Bring a seasoned co-pilot who knows how to tell a dressing room mirror what a fucking asshole it is.

Also loving the straight-legged pants and ballet flats, in full defiance of trends and expectations. That’s the other bit of universal advice we give out: Stylishness isn’t about trends. It’s about knowing what works for you and interpreting it, over and over again.

The hat is J’adorable, but the bag looks kinda beat.



Christina Hendricks seen out and about in downtown New York City.

Not quite as turn-your-head stylish as the previous getup, it’s still really cute on her. It would be tough to find an instance of us praising a fringe shawl on anything other than a Halloween fortune-teller costume, but her favorite style is Boho Chic and, again, because of expectations and settings (like the red carpet, where Boho Chic rarely works), she doesn’t get the chance to deploy it as much as she’d like. Same thing for hats. She’s crazy about them, but obviously, doesn’t get much chance to wear them during public appearances, hence the cute hat in the first outfit.

What we’re trying to say is this: Here’s a gal who’s had more than her share of problems on the style front ever since she really entered the public sphere. Sometimes it was due to her body type, which the world of fashion is reluctant to admit exists and the world of entertainment is reluctant to promote. Other times it came down to her not making very good choices for herself. But with these two outfits, she’s ignoring trends and expectations and dressing how she likes, in clothes that are almost certainly not that expensive. Result? She looks really pretty and stylish. But not remotely trendy, and that’s just fine. Perfect, in fact.

But girl, a less beat-all-to-hell bag next time, mkay?


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