Charlize Theron in Loz Feliz

Posted on October 16, 2013

This is what Charlize Theron looks like when she does her grocery shopping.



Charlize Theron stops by Gelson’s to pick up some groceries in Loz Feliz, California. Charlize is wearing a perforated jersey off the shoulder from Twenty Tees.

Stars. They’re not just like us.

A reminder: This is what she looks like when she goes to the gym. She’s not human.

We’ve been thinking about flats a lot lately. We realize that’s a silly thing for grown men to say, but what the hell. This is where we wound up. We think we’re heading into a time where they’re going to be a major trend. The women who came of age right around the time the platform pump with 4-inch heel became standard are heading into their thirties now and we suspect a good deal of them are just plain Over It when it comes to complicated, heavy, damaging footwear. And the Miley generation doesn’t seem as enthralled with the mega-high heels at the moment. This could all change, of course. And the runways are still full of the big, clunky and painful, but we think the flat is going to become more popular in the next few years than it’s been in a couple of decades.

Which is a long way of saying her flats are super-cute.



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