Carey Mulligan in Christian Dior at the “Inside Llewyn Davis” Premiere

Posted on October 16, 2013

T, Lo, and Carey Mulligan are proud to present …


Carey Mulligan attends the premiere of “Inside Llewyn Davis” during the 2013 BFI London Film Festival at the Odeon Leicester Square in London in a Christian Dior yellow dress paired with Christian Dior pumps.



Color rendered in a fairly boring way, but still. COLOR. And the trend seems to be (among celebritykind, anyway), “Fine. If I absolutely must wear something other than a dour black dress, then I’m going to dress for Easter in October.” Weird. Style historians will no doubt look back on this period and be able to tell us why it all went down. Not being historians, we’d rather speculate wildly right now. We’re going with something in the water supply. Or spoiled grain. Poor waste removal practices, possibly.  A witch’s curse. Whatever the reason, Hollywood collectively lost its style bearings in fall 2013.

Anyway, we hate to say it, but she’s so dour lately that she’s almost managing to make a Tweety-yellow strapless Dior dress look funereal somehow. And we think we’re coming to the realization that we’re not fans of yellow-and-black pairings, for the most part. Too “bumblebee.”

You’re in Dior, for God’s sake. Put on some fucking earrings or something.

Sorry. It had to be said.


[Photo Credit: Zak Hussein/]

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