Amy Adams in Prabal Gurung at the “Her” Premiere

Posted on October 14, 2013

Does any celebrity really know what time of year it is? Does any celebrity really care?


Amy Adams attends the premiere of “Her” during the 2013 New York Film Festival in a Prabal Gurung dress accessorized with Casadei suede pumps and EF Collection jewelry.

Prabal Gurung Spring 2014 Collection

We’re not gonna bitch (too much) because every famous person who left their house last week was apparently contractually obligated to dress all in black. Seriously. It was a weird week. No one died but everyone came dressed for a death.

But lavender was not the color we had in mind when we shrieked about our dire need for more color. We try not to lapse into old-style thinking about what colors should be worn at certain times of the year. No one should feel they absolutely have to wear pumpkin orange in October or pastels in May. And our “Ditch red&green” Christmas style campaign is getting bigger each year and pretty soon, we’ll be giving those “War on Christmas” folks a run for their money. But it is kinda hard to reconcile the chilliness outside our windows with the gentle spring breezes wafting off this red carpet.

As for the style, it’s the usual crisp, suited Nicole Kidman-lite thing she tends to favor. We wish she didn’t, because it seems to us to be, like Kidman’s style evolution, a wall put up between her own personality and the outside world. Regardless, it’s a beautiful, eye-catching suit. The cut-outs are a bit much, but they – along with the neckline and the color –  keep this from looking like a governess’ uniform.

She looks pretty, colorful, and head-turning. That’s all a win. But the color’s off-season and we wish she wasn’t so suited-up all the time.





[Photo Credit: ACE, Dara Kushner/, IMAXtree]

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