WERQ: Liam Hemsworth at Hugo Boss Flagship Opening

Posted on September 25, 2013

Honestly, we had no idea straight guys did this sort of thing. We know gay men do it, and we definitely know straight gals do it (because they invented it) and we’ve even known a lady-lovin’ lady to pull this sort of trick out of her arsenal now and then.


Liam Hemsworth at Hugo Boss Celebrates Columbus Circle Flagship Opening in New York City in Boss Black.


But swear to God, we didn’t even know straight guys knew about the all important post-breakup fuck-you-I’m-fabulous-and-everyone-wants-me appearance in public (also known to many a gay as the “I will survive” gambit because it’s best if Miss Gloria Gaynor is playing in your head as you sashay your heartbreak away down the sidewalk).

Well done, Mr. Hemsworth. Bravo. Seriously. That is some Grade-A image management. You WERQ that first shot across the bow, boy. Snaps of RESPECT.




[Photo Credit: Marco Sagliocco/PRPhotos.com]

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