Posted on September 19, 2013

We’re feeling the need for somewhere dark, Old World, and masculine, kittens.


The Library Bar, Copenhagen

Mmmm. Wood and leather. Can’t beat it. Grab a seat and let’s all murmur like gentlemen.

Pictures of things:

Guest judge Zanna Roberts Rassi, Zac Posen, Heidi Klum and Erin Fetherston

Oh, sweet Mary, Mother of Pearl. We’re out. It’s the so-called “real woman” challenge.



Oh, Christ. Listen, all we ask is that you channel your rage in a healthy fashion, Kittens. Remember to take your blood pressure and check your heart rate on a regular basis, mkay? Perhaps some responsible, non-drinking Kittens can post periodic reminders in the comments section to ensure no one has an anger-induced stroke or heart attack tonight?

Oh, and who are these so-called “super-fans” who came in for a little humiliation? Speak up, ladies. We know you’re out there.




[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime, – Video Credit: Lifetime]

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